Hand crafted Wine Rack + Wine Glass holder made with Pallet wood


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I stayed at Reciclar Factory’s warehouse for 6 months with glassware sitting on me. They decided to create a beautiful wine rack out of me!! Thanks to RECICLAR FACTORY who bring to you the contemporary home decor as ''PALLET PLAY''

This beautiful handcrafted hanging wine rack with stemmed wine glass holder made from reclaimed pallet wood. Beautifully sanded and polished. It holds up to 12 wine bottles and 8 wine glasses of wine. Heavy duty construction built to last a lifetime. 
You could display your exquisite wine selection with this one of a kind wall mount, meant to perfectly showcase any wine lovers collection.

PALLET PLAY is Reciclar Factory's wood recycling division that repurposes used waste pallet / skid wood into stylish items to match your home & office or restaurant. Our products are handcrafted with utmost finesse such that each product turns-out to be a piece of art. PALLET PLAY product range includes Furniture, wine racks, lamps, home décor, and much more. While we minimize the carbon footprint by upcycling glass, wood, plastic, metal into highly appealing lifestyle products, you reintroduce our products out of waste into your lifestyle back yet again in the form of eco-friendly lifestyle products with a modernistic charm.



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